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Command Log: Saaryn (Elite: Dangerous)

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System: Turot
Ship: Viper MKIII

Commanders log, 4.6

I arrived in the Turot system with 3 tonnes of trade goods, mostly clothing from what I could make of it. My ship isn't really meant to be a trade capable unit, but I was already headed this direction so for a few thousand credits, may as well haul this over for them. It was a quick matter offloading at the dock, and with a few credits spent refueling, I set off toward the system nav beacon to see if I could rustle up a few bounties.

Ended up being a ripe night to set out, target rich is a good description. I do need to upgrade this ships sensors once I have the Cr to spare, it would be advantageous to identify targets at a further range. I was able to pick off a few here and there for several thousand each, but it wasn't until the Federal Security Force chased an Anaconda into the system that the payday would be complete.

Taking on a ship of that size meant having to be more precise than simply charging all power to weapons and unloading. While the feds kept him occupied, I targeted his drive system. A few well aimed shots from my pulse lasers with the feds as well and we had his shields down, the multi-cannons did their work as well. Too well, in fact, as he was twisting his hull toward me, the amount of fire power headed my way was staggering, all power diverted to engines and I put it into a dive, max thrusters pushing down as the boost sent me under his bow before throttling back and decoupling upward, I had a perfect alignment on his drive. Hammer down. The small burst of flames and sparks told me it was the end of his propulsion as the large ship lurched into a slow spiral, unable to right itself.

I targeted his power core and unloaded. I ran my guns nearly dry and drained most of my own power to the pulse lasers before the Anaconda ripped into a shower of scrap and cargo. 91,000 Cr to go claim. The feds thanked me in their usual way, with a ship scan and a get the hell out of here. More than happy to, more than happy. I set course for the nearest dock and engaged my Frame Shift Drive, arcing high and away from the star.

As I am about to leave supercruise, I get an interdiction warning just as I disengage the drive, popping out of lightspeed about 11k meters from the station, I pulled back hard on the stick, rolling around to grab a sensor lock on the radar blip behind me. Its a small Eagle, no doubt the interloper that got dragged out of supercruise with me. My scan says wanted, I deploy hardpoints and make short work of the nimble craft. It may be able to out maneuver my viper, but it cant escape the gimbled mounts under my multi-cannons. An extra 5k Cr to take to the bounty office.

Payed for my guns to be reloaded, fair trade. For now I've docked my ship in the hanger here, maybe go find a bar and grab a few beers and see if I cant find a lead to a more profitable bounty.
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System: Itela
Ship: Viper MKIII

Commanders log, 4.10

There is nothing sweeter than a solid pay off from a good tip. I met a rare goods trader in Turot system. He suggested that there would be some nice bounties in the Itela system. He wasnt joking. It wasnt long after dropping out of hyperspace that a pirate had a go at me.

Im not going to try and nail that escape vector, I simply throttle zero and pull back to line up my burst lasers. These pirates have no honor. At the first sign of trouble, they turn tail and spool up their FSD. Luckily, the upgraded multi-cannons are a fair bit more menacing than their class 1 counterparts. I had 50K Cr before I even made the first station. I spent some time simply gathering scan data on the system to sell off a few dozen light years away as I make my way toward Epsilon Scorpii.

At the moment, bounty hunting pays far greater than scan data or trading for me. I havent the cargo capacity to haul any significant amount of goods, and the jump range of this viper, even with the upgrades Ive made, is still laughable. Its a fighter through and through, hardly a proper exploration vessel.

Now I have my eye on my next ship. An ASP Explorer. Its a ship built to make the full dive toward the center of the galaxy. Nearly double the jump range of my Viper and significantly more fuel capacity. It can be outfitted with some pretty nasty weapons as well, so I do not have to be one of the fearful explorers that I have met, hoping to gather their data and jump from system to system without being hassled. I like the hassle. I like the frantic way they jockey the stick trying to escape, realizing they bit off way more than they can chew.

For the night Ive holed up in some backwater platform, just to grab a few hours of sleep before setting off again. Ive got a lot of saving to do to come up with the 7 million Credits to get that ASP.
Posted Apr 10, 15 · OP
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