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LockonSet your reactions to adorable.

Trials of the Poro
With the Freljord's winter closing in and an almighty battle...
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Silverdawn   The only thing I could think of when I saw the guy at the end was:

Nanhy*Needs to stop digging through the forums and go to sleep.* Darned murlocs ruining sane schedules.
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KonseGuys, I've some bad news. It will probably be closer to WoD when this happens, but I'm retiring Morg. I will hold an event to do so. It will be short and sweet. Again, this will proabably be closer to WoD before I do this, but It's happening.

With that being said, I'm working on a new Horde side toon to replace Morg (A monk/shaman dual class). I hope to still enjoy the company of all the wonderful people that make up the Tears, and can't wait to RP with you all again.
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Konse   Well, honestly, I just feel as if Morg has finished growing. After he got out of the dream and burnt his eyes out (you were gone during this I can explain if you want, just message me), he just hasn't had anything else to do. And, I said this will be for good, but I may just be over exaggerating. The way he's going away isn't "death" so he could, in theory, come back later. And he can still be found in the spirit realm as well, so I may make some cameo appearances for anyone who does RP in the Spirit realm.
Awen   I certainly support whatever you decide. I just had to be silly. ;)

I do want to know what happened to him, though.
MayMoose   Fresh start sounds fun! Will be sad to not see Morg around but maybe he'll make cameo via stories or journals. Let us know how we can help make this transition fun and smooth :d
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BlutenI have ESO! . . and an unstable computer as well as an expensive convention to attend. D'oh!
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KormokFor those signing up for the website, please PM me your identity if you are using an unknown alias and are already a community member.
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