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Sääryn   created a new thread Weekly meetup in the World of Warcraft forum
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SäärynHappy (Officially the day of) Tenth Birthday, Tears of Draenor!
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Novina   So I'm guessing I don't have to sing in Mumble.

*thumbs up*
Aleyah   Guess again Novikins
AleyahI'll do this a day early. HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY TEARS!!!!!!!
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Moximus   Thunderstealer! :)
MoximusGoing to be doing some site work over the next few days to turn off stupid junk Enjin shoves into our features without notifying me. If anything looks weird or appears broken, be sure to call it out so I can fix it as well.
ChapeL   You don't like having Duke Nuke'em send you a notification to tell you you have none ?
Moximus   I can deal with Duke Nukem. I can deal with Neo telling me there's no spoon. If I have to see one more goddamn internet rageface meme I may drive to wherever Enjin's HQ is and drop a steaming nutty deuce on their web designer's desk.
Sääryn   "Steaming. Nutty. Deuce."
SäärynI added an event for this upcoming wednesday. Essentially to take roll call for the Tears that have made it to Draenor and plan for how we move forward in the campaign.
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Lilyia   Even if my toon is no longer in Tears would I still be able to come? I wasn't in Tears long before the guild went into hitatus and I never RPed a exit, I just went back to being nomadic with Lily.
Sääryn   Of course you can come. :) Even if not in colors, allies are welcome.
Lilyia   Awesome I will see you all Wednesday then.
MoximusNew Star Wars teaser.
Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Teaser
Get your first look at Star Wars: The Force Awakens in the n...
ChapeL   Hmm, yeah I see what you mean. Regardless, I've come to understand that trying to make sense of these things is a dangerous habit to take and will assume the movie's makers designed it this way because it looked cool :)
Lockon   Great lightsaber, great trailer, hope it is a good movie. I am going into this expecting nothing.
SchizoClarity   Unless the hilt is made of lightsaber resistant metals. /devil's advocate There are a few. Another theory I've heard is that the saber is simply a different style, and allows for something like a stab in closer quarters combat. Ain't sure.

I like both theories.
KaradalaI'm online (read: 56k speed) at the airport. ENTERTAIN ME.
Moximus   What do you call a potato who gets a job at a news station? A commenTATER. HAR HAR HAR HAR I'm sorry I'll go now
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SäärynA cookie problem kept me from logging in... No wonder cookie monster traded them in for carrots
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