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SäärynGame time card ran out, picking one up asap.
KonseMorganosh here, just wanted to let y'all know that I miss ya.
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MoximusSince I'll probably miss it later, Happy New Year to all of the ToD crew and our friends!
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Lilyia   Happy New Years everyone!
SchizoClarity   Huzzah! Happy New Year!
Awen   Happy New Year!
SäärynTonights 8pm meeting is at Frostwolf Overlook in Talador. Time to raid the burning blade for intel and resources!
Lilyia   ((I hope the meeting went well! Sorry I couldn't attend but I got a little one tearing up the house and I didn't want to afk through the whole thing like I did before.))
SäärynTears Meeting on Sunday at 8pm Server time, Wor'Gol
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Sinsolaria   (( Wor'gol phases, depending on who has completed it or not, so beware for low-levels or slow-levelers! ^_^
Sääryn   Oh really... hrm. Then location TBD
LockonK and A are L.

You know what I mean.
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Lockon   The creators have a lot of guts to do what they did, and it was an amazing finale regardless.
Novina   I want to make a joke about the first two letters mentioned, the letter M, and the number 3.
Lockon   The creators confirmed it as well.
Sääryn   created a new thread Weekly meetup in the World of Warcraft forum
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