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MoximusEnjin. Wat r u doin. Enjin, stahp time traveling forum data.

(Dunno what's up, folks. It should clear up soon.)
ChapeLHappy Independance Day guys!
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Moximus   [link]
MoximusHappy Canada Day to our northern neighbors!
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Awen"Fun" fact I saw today. TX had enough rain in May to cover the entire state in 8" of water. Roughly calculated (if I used the calculator correctly with the conversions) ... that's 4.996E + 9 cubic feet or 3.737E+10 (37 billion) gallons or 1.4141E+11 (141 billion) liters of water that has fallen in May. SCARY
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Mulk   even better...parts of the state are still in need of quite a bit more
Morganosh   My area really wasn't hit bad. Which is saying something because I live an hour east of Houston, which probably had some of the worst of the flooding
Daenalaia StormbringerI DID A THING. (Yes, 6 months later than everyone.)
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The Iron TribeHappy Birthday, Shaw! *much LOVE and HUGS*
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Shaw   8hugs* Thanks!
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SäärynNext jump sequence is Suchagga to Cebalrai! 21.16 Light Years! (Srsly, get elite dangerous)
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