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MoximusDiscord looks like it got caught up in a recent password security issue. Change your passwords where applicable.

Safety Jim PSA: Cloudflare Security Issue
Anyway, sorry to bug you folks on this beautiful Thursday evening, but Safety Jim's gotta come keep you all woke because the internet can be a scary place. Unfortunately, there's a...
Moximus   Some potentially affected domains: [link]
Moximus   Thanks to Issaela/Donari for the heads up too. :)
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Moximus   created a new thread Sixth World Problems in the Creative Works and Art forum
OverlordXenuNot...not that I would ever do something like this...
ESO | Killing and Trapping People in my House
If you enjoyed drop a like on the video! http://www.twitch.t...
Moximus   uploaded an image to Kormok's WoW Stuff
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AriHappy New Year, friends. And grog and axehugs.
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Moximus   And back at you, Alliance dogs. Thanks for taking the journey with us.
ChapeL   Happy new year everyone !
OverlordXenuBy gum, those damnable sky pirates won't know what hit them, wot wot!
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ChapeL   The massive underbite makes this picture :)
MoximusHappy holidays to everyone in the ToDGN community! Or as we say in the Mox household, Murray Crimbus, and may Bill Murray fill your old socks with cigars. Don't forget to leave him a bottle of scotch.
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MoximusKarazhan 2.0 cleared! This place is no joke.
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Dokk   That fight was all kinds of epic. Although Blizzard really needed to find a way to equip us all with lightsabers during phase 3, and then let us steer the star destroyer into the death star.
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